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ASSA14-09-02 Application value of ultrasound to rapid fetal cardiac position diagnosis
  1. L Xiang-Zhang,
  2. L Fang-Fang
  1. Department of Function, Huadu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Huadu, Guangzhou510800, China


Objective To investigate the clinical method for the rapid determination of fetal cardiac position by two-dimensional ultrasound imaging

Methods A retrospective analysis from 2013 June to 2014, January in our hospital underwent 3D ultrasound examination in 1000 cases of pregnant women, the fetal heart probe frequency, recording the gestational age, fetal position, marking the real-time image, combined with fetal ultrasound Beckoning figure, other auxiliary examination and postpartum neonatal review data, analysis of clinical factors of fetal heart azimuth determination.

Results 8 cases of fetal cardiac malposition, 992 cases were normal, 2 cases of ultrasonic detection of false negative cases, false positive in 0 cases.

Conclusion Fetal heart direction determination by checking instrument, the maternal abdominal wall thickness, the effect of fetal position and gestational weeks of various factors, the organ of fetal anatomy and heart structure is the theoretical basis for the diagnosis of fetal cardiac malposition of disease.

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