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Effects of phentolamine on coronary blood flow in patients with recent myocardial infarction.
  1. L Gould,
  2. C V Reddy,
  3. C J Blatt,
  4. R F Gomprecht,
  5. D B Hayt


    The myocardial clearance of rubidium may be obtained by praecordial counting after intravenous injection of Rb-minus 86 Cl. Eight patients with recent myocardial infarction had this determination performed before and after the infusion of 10 mg phentolamine at a rate of 0.3 mg/minute. The average predrug myocardial clearance of Rb was 89.3 plus or minus 29.9 ml/min per 100 g myocardium. After phentolamine, the average myocardial clearance rose to 117.3 plus or minus 33.3 ml/min per 100 g myocardium (P LESS THAN 0.01). An explanation for this findings is presented as well as its possible clinical applications.

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