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Histopathology of conducting system in left anterior hemiblock.
  1. L Rossi


    In 8 cases of left anterior hemiblock, combined with right bundle-branch block in 7, serial sections of the conducting system of the heart were examined histologically. In all cases there were pathological changes in the left bundle-branch but the anterior part of it was predominantly affected in only 2 cases. Acute changes were found in 6 cases of early myocardial infarction, and fibrosis in 2 cases of chronic heart disease. Reversible lesions may have a pathogenetic role in acute hemiblocks. The right bundle-branch was disrupted by fibrosis in 6 of the 7 cases with right bundle-branch block, and minor changes in the AV node were observed in 1. The widespread damage to the left bundle-branch in the majority of the present cases does not seem to be consistent with the limited clinicopathological correlation implied by the terms anterior fascicular block or hemiblock. Other cardiac lesions within the left bundle-branch and outside it may contribute to this electrocardiographic pattern.

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