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Histopathological findings in two cases of torsade de pointes with conduction disturbances.
  1. L Rossi,
  2. L Matturri


    Histological studies were made of the conducting system and the myocardium in two cases of torsade de pointes with complex disturbances of impulse conduction and formation. A fairly similar clinicopathological pattern was seen, consisting of an unusual association of non-interruptive, widespread damage to the conducting system with the intermittent and variable electrocardiographic disorders. The inherent desynchronization of cardiac action and the bilateral, uneven, and partial disruptions of the bundle-branches have been tentatively correlated, pathophysiologically, with the re-entry circuit, or mechanism, which is held to be responsible for the cyclic fluctuation of QRS axis, peculiar to torsade de pointes.

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