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Retrograde His bundle deflection in bundle-branch re-entry.
  1. A Castellanos,
  2. A Embi,
  3. J Aranda,
  4. B Befeler


    Atrial echo beats resulting from a reciprocating mechanism involving the bundle-branches were produced by premature atrial impulses in a patient with an A-V nodal bypass tract. The mechanism of the arrhythmia was suggested by the presence of a retrograde His bundle deflection which appeared 'sandwiched' in between a QRS complex with complete right bundle-branch morphology and a negative P wave. Though at a shorter cycle length the His bundle was still activated retrogradely echo beats were not seen because the retrograde H deflection occurred too early, when both bypass tract and A-V node were still effectively refractory. At the faster driven rate concealed retrograde activation of the right branch (by the premature impulse) was responsible for the right bundle-branch block patterns shown by the post-premature driven beat.

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