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Intermittent AV conduction disturbances in patients with AV nodal bypass tracts. Possible mechanisms of unusual variant of tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome.
  1. A Castellanos,
  2. R J Sung,
  3. B Befeler,
  4. A Mayorga-Cortes,
  5. C Conde,
  6. S M Mallon,
  7. R J Myerburg


    His bundle recordings were performed in 2 patients in whom AV nodal bypass tracts coexisted with intermittent AV conduction disturbances occurring below the site from which the His bundle deflection was recorded. Case 1 had: (a) tachycardia dependent right bundle-branch block, (b) persistent HV prolongation, and (c) bradycardia dependent AV block. Case 2 showed: (a) intra-atrial conduction delay, (b) tachcardia dependent left bundle-branch block with HV prolongation, (c) bradycardia dependent HV conduction disturbance, (d) tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome of an unusual type; the latter presumably resulted, during atrial flutter, from the alternation of rapid AH conduction through the bypass tract with intermittent (complete) distal His bundle block or bilateral bundle-branch block.

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