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Relation between apex cardiogram and changes in left ventricular pressure and dimension.
  1. A Venco,
  2. D G Gibson,
  3. D J Brown


    The relation between the apex cardiogram and changes in left ventricular pressure measured by micromanometer, and dimension measured by echocardiography, was studied in 12 normal subjects and 64 patients with heart disease. In 12 patients, the apex cardiogram was delayed with respect to simultaneous left ventricular pressure by 17 +/- 18 ms during the upstroke and 28 +/- 16 ms during the downstroke. In the normal subjects, changes in left ventricular dimension during the upstroke and downstroke of the apex cardiogram were small, amounting to 6 +/- 5 and 21 +/- 7 per cent total excursion, respectively. In 10 patients with mitral regurgitation, there was significant inward wall movement during the upstroke and in 10 patients with aortic regurgitation, significant outward movement during the downstroke, both reflecting valvular regurgitation. In 20 patients with ischaemic heart disease and segmental abnormalities on left ventricular angiography, apex cardiogram-echo dimension relations were abnormal in all, because of inward or outward wall movement during the upstroke, increased outward movement before the 'O' point, or abnormal inward movement during the downstroke. These disturbances were displayed by constructing apex cardiogram-echo dimension loops, which appear to be a sensitive means of detecting incoordinate left ventricular contraction, analogous to those between pressure and dimension.

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