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Effects of propranolol in a case of orthostatic hypotension.
  1. G Brevetti,
  2. M Chiariello,
  3. G Lavecchia,
  4. F Rengo


    In a hypertensive patient with orthostatic hypotension, the changes in several haemodynamic indices with respect to posture were evaluated. In the upright position, systemic blood pressure was reduced as compared with the supine position, and peripheral vasodilation was present, as shown by an increase in Jantsch's index of the impedance plethysmographic tracings. Systolic time intervals remained unchanged with changes in posture. Propranolol 10 mg intravenously brought the response to normal. In fact, after beta-blockade in the standing position the blood pressure remained unchanged and normal peripheral vasoconstriction was observed. Similar results were seen during atrial pacing at a constant heart rate of 130 beats/minute. In this patient, propranolol appears to normalise the response to the posture change, by restoring normal vasoconstriction in the upright position.

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