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Recognition and quantification of myocardial injury by means of plasma enzyme and isoenzyme activities after cardiac surgery.
  1. A van der Laarse,
  2. H A Davids,
  3. L Hollaar,
  4. E J van der Valk,
  5. S A Witteveen,
  6. W T Hermens


    Serial plasma enzyme determinations were carried out in 32 patients who underwent cardiac surgery with the aid of extracorporeal circulation. Plasma creatine kinase (CK), the cardiospecific isoenzyme of CK (CKMB), and alpha-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase (HBDH) were determined from the onset of surgery up to 100 to 120 hours after operation. From the plasma enzyme activities, the total amount of enzyme released by the injured heart into the circulation could be calculated using mathematical equations solved numerically by means of a computer. The calculated amount of CK, CKMB, and HBDH released by the heart correlated well with (1) postoperative mortality, and (2) peak activities of the respective enzymes. The calculated amount of any of the 3 enzymes released showed poor or no correlation with (1) electrocardiographic criteria of myocardial infarction, (2) duration of cardiopulmonary bypass, and (3) duration of total aortic cross-clamping. This study shows that the extent of myocardial injury after surgery can be assessed quantitatively using the calculated amounts of enzyme released, as well as using peak plasma activities of CKMB and HBDH.

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