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Coronary arterial pattern in superoinferior ventricular heart. Implications on significance of morphogenesis of this anomaly.
  1. A Schneeweiss,
  2. A Shem-Tov,
  3. H N Neufeld


    The coronary arterial pattern was studied in two patients with superoinferior ventricular heart and haemodynamically complete transposition. In one of them the aorta was dextro-positioned and in the other laevo-positioned. In both the right coronary artery arose from the posterior aortic sinus and the left coronary artery from the left aortic sinus. This pattern is similar to the common coronary arterial pattern in complete transposition of the great arteries. The similarity supports the theory that in the superoinferior ventricular heart the connections between the ventricles and the great arteries (concordant or discordant) area those of the basic condition--complete transposition or corrected transposition. The angiocardiographic findings indicate that relations are not always as expected for a given connection.

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