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Comparative trial of iohexol 350, a non-ionic contrast medium, with diatrizoate (Urografin 370) in left ventriculography and coronary arteriography.
  1. I D Sullivan,
  2. R J Wainwright,
  3. J F Reidy,
  4. E Sowton


    In a prospective double blind randomised study in 25 consecutive patients a conventional ionic contrast medium (Urografin 370) was compared with the new non-ionic medium iohexol 350 ( Omnipaque ) in left ventriculography and coronary arteriography. In left ventriculography there was a clear patient preference for iohexol by both a visual analogue scale and independent observer assessment. Iohexol also induced a smaller increase in heart rate or decrease in systolic blood pressure than Urografin. In coronary arteriography iohexol resulted in a smaller reduction in heart rate and systolic blood pressure, a smaller maximum increase in RR interval, less prolongation of the PQ and QT intervals and QRS duration, and a lower incidence of induced chest pain, ST segment depression, or T wave deflection.

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