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Pacing in children.
  1. H Ector,
  2. G Dhooghe,
  3. W Daenen,
  4. G Stalpaert,
  5. L van der Hauwaert,
  6. H de Geest


    Fourteen children had a permanent pacemaker implanted between May 1967 and July 1983. Postoperative complete heart block was the indication in nine cases, congenital complete heart block in three, and sick sinus syndrome in two. Two patients died, one suddenly and one after aortic valve replacement. A total of 48 pulse generators were implanted; five patients were given an isotopic pacemaker. Twelve patients had epicardial leads implanted initially, and two received a transvenous endocardial system. The lead system implanted initially remained without malfunction in only seven patients. In the other seven patients 20 lead malfunctions occurred. Psychological maturity and physical development seemed to be normal in all 14 children. Improvement in equipment and technique will improve the outlook for paced children in the future.

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