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Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in patients with spasm superimposed on atherosclerotic narrowing.
  1. M E Bertrand,
  2. J M Lablanche,
  3. J L Fourrier,
  4. G Traisnel
  1. Division of Cardiology, University Hospital of Lille, France.


    Of 552 patients undergoing percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty 102 had coronary artery spasm superimposed on atherosclerotic narrowing. Coronary angioplasty was successful in 97 (95%). The patients were discharged on a regimen of nifedipine (40-60 mg/day). Seventy six patients were symptom free 6-8 months after the procedure. Restenosis was detected in 35% of patients. Coronary artery spasm was provoked in 38 (44%) of the 87 patients who underwent an ergometrine maleate test. Twenty seven of the 34 patients with restenosis had a provocation test and coronary artery spasm was superimposed on restenosis in 22 (81.5%). Coronary angioplasty is feasible in patients with coronary artery spasm superimposed on atherosclerotic narrowing but the rate of restenosis is high and coronary artery spasm could have a role in the pathogenesis of restenosis.

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