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Propranolol induced bradycardia in tetralogy of Fallot.
  1. D J Clark,
  2. K C Chan,
  3. J L Gibbs
  1. Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Killingbeck Hospital, Leeds.


    When an 18 month old girl who had tetralogy of Fallot and episodes of severe cyanosis with loss of consciousness was treated with propranolol there was some improvement. But when the dose was increased she had further episodes of near syncope. Holter monitoring showed extreme intermittent bradycardia with pauses of up to 2.6 seconds. The episodes of near syncope and the bradycardia resolved after propranolol was stopped. Apparent failure of propranolol treatment may on rare occasions be related to drug induced bradycardia rather than to continued episodes of severe cyanosis.

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