Heart 89:970 doi:10.1136/heart.89.9.970
  • Miscellanea

The dynamics of an ascending aorta dissection by 16 row multislice computed tomography

  1. F Cademartiri,
  2. K Nieman,
  3. N R Mollet

    A 65 year old man was referred for follow up of a dissected ascending aorta. The study was performed with a 16 slice spiral computed tomography scanner (Sensation 16, Siemens, Germany) after the intravenous administration of 100 ml of iodinated contrast material with the following protocol: detector collimation 12 × 1.5 mm, rotation time 0.42 s, scan time 19 s. The scan was retrospectively reconstructed using the ECG track to create iso-cardio-phasic datasets. Main datasets were reconstructed in the diastolic phase and systolic …