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In vivo visualisation of coronary artery development by high-resolution optical coherence tomography
  1. K Norozi,
  2. L Thrane,
  3. J Männer,
  4. F Pedersen,
  5. I Wolf,
  6. S Mottl-Link,
  7. H-P Meinzer,
  8. A Wessel,
  9. T M Yelbuz
  1. Yelbuz.Mesud{at}

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Ao, ascending aorta; LA, left atrium; LV, left ventricle; PA, pulmonary artery; RA, right atrium; RB, right brachiocephalic artery arising from the aorta ascendens; RV, right ventricle. Arrow in A shows the interventricular groove. Arrowheads indicate the course of the right coronary artery (RCA); small arrows, aortic valve cusps; star, aortic sinus. Bar (panels B and C)  = 100 μm. Bar (panels D and E)  = 600 μm.

One of the most critical but poorly understood processes during cardiovascular development is the establishment of a functioning coronary artery (CA) system. We present here the first in vivo recordings of developing CAs obtained from the hearts of chick embryos at three critical stages of CA development (day 8 (video 1), day 9 …

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