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Basic science: Cardiovascular disease basic research
e0002 Effect of toll-like receptor-4 signal pathway on the dysfunction of cardiac microvascular endothelial cells caused by hypoxia/reoxygenation injury
  1. Zhang Zheng,
  2. Wang Yanbin,
  3. Sun Dongdong,
  4. Zhang Rongqing,
  5. Cao Feng,
  6. Wang Haichang
  1. Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Xijing hospital, Fourth Military University, Xi'an, China


Aim TLR-4 has been proved to take part in MIRI of heart. But the researches mostly focused on the relationship between TLR-4 and global heart dysfunction or cadiocyte apoptosis. The effect of TLR-4 on CMECs which are the most important component in MIRI is not clear. To explore the change of TLR-4 signal pathoway during hypoxia–reoxygenation (H-R) of cardiac microvascular endothelial cells (CMECs) injury.

Methods The CMECs were isolated from the hearts of adult rats. The obtained CMECs were exposed to hypoxia (940 ml/l N2, 50 ml/l CO2 and 10 ml/l O2) for 6 h, following by reoxygenation (950 ml/l air, 50 ml/l CO2) for 2 h, 12 h or 24 h. The proliferation of CMECs was assessed by MTT colourimetry. TLR-4 and NF-κB expressions were analysed by Western blot. The levels of IL-6 and TNF-α were detected by ELISA.

Results The proliferation ability of CMECs was significantly inhibited by H-R injury (p<0.01). H-R injury increased TLR-4 expression after 2 h or 12 h reoxygenation (p<0.05). The level of NF-κB increased after 2 h and 24 h reoxygenation (p<0.05). H-R injury enhanced IL-6 and TNF-α secretion as compared with the control group (p<0.05).

Conclusion H-R injury increases TLR-4 and NF-κB expressions in CMECs and enhances the secretions of IL-6 and TNF-α. The activation of TLR-4 signal pathway on CMECs may participate in the H-R induced of CMECs injury.

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