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Clinical and research medicine: Interventional cardiology
e0483 The clinical research for endovascular treatment of debakey III aortic dissection received domestic thin steel Binding stents grafting
  1. Liao Wei,
  2. Zhou Aiqin
  1. The Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College


Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of endovascular treatment for Debakey III aortic dissection by domestic thin steel Binding stents grafting.

Methods Between October 2006 to March 2010, 42 patients (all male, average age (53.5±12.8) years, range 43∼70 years old) with Debakey III aortic dissection was treated with domestic thin steel Binding stents grafting, used an innovative transmission and delivery methods in all patients, of which branch stent were inplanted when the distance from the break of descending aorta to left subclavian artery is less than 10 mm.

Results 42 patients were successfully implanted 48 thin steel Binding stents, including four branch stents. After the operation, six patients were verified endoleak, 3 of the patients were resolved by repeated stent distension and 3 cases were treated by placement of another stent. Three months later, one patient showed new rupture at the remote port of the stent and then was successfully implanted a new stent. Four cases showed numbness of right lower extremity and 1 case showed intermittent claudication of it. In follow-up of 3–32 months, MRI or CT showed the reduce of the false cavity with the formation of intraluminal thrombus, the enlargement of true cavity, and no complications such as tumour rupture, internal leakage and stent displacement in all of the patients.

Conclusions Endovascular thoracic aorta repair, with domestic thin steel Binding stents grafting and the innovative methods of interventional therapy, is an effective, less invasive and safe surgery with faster postoperative recovery, higher success rate and fewer complications for patients with Debakey III type aortic dissection, especially applicable to high-risk patients.

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