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Clinical and research medicine: Hypertension
e0598 The Research of the Relation Between the Refractory Hypertension and the Homocysteine
  1. Yu Hao,
  2. Chen Su,
  3. Hu Xiaojun,
  4. Tu Yuanchao
  1. Xinhua Hospital of Hubei Province


Objective To explore the relation between the refractory hypertension and the homocysteine (HCY).

Methods 164 patients with hypertension were randomly divided into refractory hypertension group (n=76) and non-refractory hypertension group (n=88), and meanwhile 60 healthy persons were regarded as the control group. we checked their homocysteine valuation and had the statistics analysis.

Results The homocysteine valuation of refractory hypertension group was significantly higher than those of the control group (p<0.01) and was also higher than those of non-refractory hypertension group (p<0.05). On the other hand. The homocysteine valuation of non-refractory hypertension group was higher than those of the control group (p<0.05).

Conclusion The blood homocysteine may be considered a relationship factor with refractory hypertension.

  • Refractory hypertension
  • homocysteine HCY

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