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Clinical and research medicine: Heart failure and left ventricular function
e0610 The Changes of B-type natriuretic peptide in chronic heart failure patients with diabetes mellitus
  1. Qiang Peng,
  2. Hai Su,
  3. Tian Xie,
  4. De-zhi Hong,
  5. Qing-hua Wu,
  6. Xiao-shu Cheng
  1. Cardiovascular Department, Second Affiliated Hospital of Nan Chang University


Objective To observe the changes of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) in chronic heart failure (CHF) patients with diabetes mellitus (DM).

Methods In this study, 559 CHF patients were enrolled, of them 276 patients with coronary heart disease diagnosed by coronary angiography, 234 with hypertensive heart disease, and 49 with dilated cardiomyopathy. They were divided into non-DM group and DM group of 175 patients. NYHA cardiac function degree, and routine blood test, BNP, fasting blood glucose, serum creatinine were detected. Left ventricular ejection fraction and the average thickness of left ventricular wallwere detected by chocardiograpy. The heart failure scale was evaluated for each patient with the age, hypertension, LVEF, LVW and NYHA degree. And the relationship curve of scale-BNP was constructed.

Results 1. The BNP was significantly higher in DM group than in non-DM group (1143.73±94.0 vs 884.34±57.0, p<0.05). 2. The relationship between the scale and BNP either in DM group or in no-DM was significantly positive. But the scale-BNP relationship curve was notably steeper in DM group. At the same scale, the levels of BNP were significantly higher in the DM than in the no-DM.

Conclusion As the CHF patients with DM have significantly higher BNP level, the DM history and fasting blood glucose should be taken into consideration when for evaluating the heart failure with BNP.

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