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Clinical and research medicine: Heart failure and left ventricular function
e0612 Changes in expression levels of serum activin A in patients with heart failure and its clinical significance
  1. Liu Miao,
  2. Wei Qun,
  3. Liu Yuxia
  1. Department of Cardiology, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, Jilin University Jilin, China


Objective The cytokine of the TGF-β superfamily called “activin A” regulates a wide variety of biological events. Recently, it is discovered that ACT-A has played an important role in the occurrence and the development of heart failure, such as promoting myocardial fibrosis and cardiac remodelling. In this paper, we detected the expression levels of serum activin A (ACT-A) in patients with heart failure and compared with brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) to discuss the changes in them and its clinical significance.

Methods Patients with CHF were divided into two groups according to the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) and E/A value: LVEF<45% group (Group HFREF, 62 cases), normal LVEF and E/A <1 group (Group HFNEF, 20 cases). In addition, Group HFREF (LVEF<45%, 62 cases) was divided into 3 parts on the basis of New York Heart Association (NYHA) classification of the cardiac function: Grade II group (Group HF1, 20 cases), Grade III group (Group HF2, 21 cases) and Grade IV group (Group HF3, 21 cases). ELISA method was used to detect ACT-A and BNP levels in serum of patients with CHF and the control group in our study.

Results Serum ACT-A was in a state of high expression in patients with heart failure compared with the control group. The levels of serum ACT-A in Group HFREF, Group HFNEF and the normal control group (Group N) were (1.81±0.44), (1.36±0.28), (1.24±0.18) ng/ml, and the difference between every two groups was significant (p<0.01–0.05). The expression levels of serum ACT-A in patients of Group HFREF was positively correlated with the degree of heart failure (r=0.75). Serum ACT-A and BNP in patients with heart failure presented a positive correlation (r=0.82).

Conclusions ACT-A is expected to be regarded as the effective clinical serology index, and has an important reference value to the diagnosis of heart declines.

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