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Related subjects: Cerebrovascular disease and stroke
e0668 Study on the anti-oxidative function of Korean Monkshood Root polysaccharide
  1. Sun Xin,
  2. Gong Zhanwei,
  3. Gao Lin,
  4. Wang Qi,
  5. Gao Xin,
  6. Lv Gang
  1. Life Science Center, Beihua University, China


Objective Exploring the anti-oxidative function of traditional Chinese herbal-Korean Monkshood Root polysaccharide.

Methods Using GE Corporation's KTA explore FPLC purification system, we separate and purify the Korean Monkshood Root polysaccharide. After establishing the anti-oxidation experimental model, experimental study of elimination of the ultra oxygen anion and DPPH free radical are carried out.

Results As the active ingredient, Korean Monkshood Root polysaccharides can remove O2− and DPPH free radical, which shows that Korean Monkshood Root polysaccharide can eliminate free radical and has the function of anti-oxidation.

Conclusions Korean Monkshood Root polysaccharides can be used as a natural anti-oxidation for human cardiovascular disease treatment and preventive health care.

  • Korean monkshood root
  • anti-oxidation
  • free radical

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