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Related subjects: Kidney and cardiovascular disease
e0671 The therapeutic effects of complex Danshen Zhusheye to the renal dysfunction after neonatal asphyxia
  1. Fang Xiaoyi,
  2. Lin Niyang,
  3. Li Yuguang
  1. First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College


Objective To explore the therapeutic effects of complex Danshen Zhusheye to the renal dysfunction after neonatal asphyxia.

Methods To collect the clinical data of 80 cases of neonatal renal dysfunction after asphyxia and divide them into Danshen group and control group randomly. The complex Danshen Zhusheye was used in the Danshen group with the dose of 4 ml in term infants and 2 ml in preterm infants, intravenous drip, once per day, from day 3 after birth till day 10 after birth. The other treatments in two groups were similar. The urine outputs were recorded from the first day after birth till the day when urine outputs were normal. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine (SCr) were detected at day 3 and day 10.

Results The differences of urine outputs, BUN and SCr in two groups at day 3 were not significant. At day 10, compared with day 3, the urine outputs were increased and the BUN and SCr were decreased in both groups. The urine outputs were (2.61±1.05) ml/kg·h−1 and (2.50±1.12) ml/kg·h−1, BUN were (3.35±1.12) mmol/l and (6.55±2.21) mmol/l and SCr were (66.51±8.11) μmol/l and (100.31±8.98) μmol/l in Danshen group and control group respectively at day 10. Compared with the control group, the BUN and SCr were decreased in Danshen group with p<0.01 at day 10. The day that the urine outputs were normal was 5.02±1.00 (3∼7) days in Danshen group and 7.12±2.11 (5∼10) days in control group. The difference was highly significant with p<0.01.

Conclusion The recover time was earlier with Danshen treatment in neonatal renal dysfunction after asphyxia, which can hint that the complex Danshen Zhusheye is effective to protect the renal function after neonatal asphyxia.

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