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Basic science: Cardiovascular disease basic research
e0126 Study on anti-oxidative function of four kinds of schizandrae lignans
  1. Sun Xin,
  2. Xie Yu,
  3. Chen Jianguang,
  4. Wang Qi,
  5. Tian Dan,
  6. Li Tan
  1. Life Science Center, Beihua University, Beihua, China


Objective To study the anti-oxidative function of schisandrin A (SinA), schisandrinB (SinB), schisandrolA (SolA) and schisandrin ester A (SesA).

Methods Using the method of the self oxidation method of pyrogallol, Fenton system.

Results The results shown that all of four kinds of schizandrae lignans have the inhibition function to Superoxide anion radical (O2 ·), SinB had the highest inhibition rate which could arrive at 68.74%; They also had the same inhibition to hydroxyl radical (OH) and SinB have the best effect.

Conclusions schisandrin A (SinA), schisandrin B (SinB), schisandrolA (SolA) and schisandrin ester A (SesA) can be used as a natural anti-oxidation for human cardiovascular disease treatment and preventive health care.

  • Schizandrae
  • anti-oxidative
  • radical

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