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Basic science: Cardiovascular disease basic research
e0142 The effects of stromal vascular fraction from adipose tissue on rat acute myocardial infarction
  1. Zhuang Wei,
  2. Xie Liangdi,
  3. Xu Changsheng
  1. The First Affliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Fujian Hypertension Institute, Fuzhou, China


Objective To observe the effects of transplantation of cultured stromal vascular fraction (SVF) on infarcted myocardial tissue, cardiac function and the underling mechanism.

Design and methods Rats were randomly divided into three groups: sham-operated group, AMI control group and SVF transplantation group. SVF labelled with GFP after 3 days or PBS was injected into infarcted tissue. 2 weeks after transplantation, cardiac function was evaluated with homodynamic measurement. Fluorescence microscope was used to identify the survival of SVF cells in heart. CD31 were determined by immunohistochemitry and infarction value fraction of left ventricle was calculated by H-E straining.

Results 1. Homodynamic measurements showed that -dp/dtmax was significantly decreased and LVDP was increased in infarction control group 2 weeks after SVF transplantation compared with infarction control group. While the two groups compared with sham-operation group, LVDP and -dp/dtmax were worse. 2. GFP labelled SVF were found in myocardial infracted zone. 3. Compared with those in the infarction control group, the construction of myocardial tissues in SVF transplantation group recovered better. 4. Endothelial marker CD31-positive cells per eyeshot were accounted. It is higher in the SVF transplantation group than that in infarction control group.

Conclusions 1. The lentivirus vector with GFP may be used as trace marker of the transplantation cells. 2. SVF transplantation may survive in infracted heart and reduce myocardial infarction size. 3. SVF may ameliorate cardiac function and promote vascular proliferation in infraction area in AMI rat.

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