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Basic science: Experiment research
e0175 The effect of ghrelin on the regression of atherosclerosis plaque in ApoE-/- mice aorta
  1. Deng Bin,
  2. Xie Xiumei,
  3. Fang Li,
  4. Chen Xiaobin,
  5. Chen Meifang
  1. Department of Cardiology, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China


Objective To observe the effect of ghrelin on reducing the apoE−/− mice plasma IL-8, MCP-1, TNFα level and the NFκBp65 expression in vascular wall and the regression of atherosclerotic plaque.

Method 8 week ApoE−/− mice were fed with Western style meals, and the same age mice C57BL/6J fed with the same meals as control. In the eighth week, ApoE−/− mice were assigned to ghrelin intraperitoneal injection and saline injection group randomly in the twelfth week.All of the groups had blood drawn from eye sockets, with isolated plasma used to measure IL-8, MCP-1, TNFα by ELISA.Mice were killed for examination with stereomicroscopy and paraffin imbedding for HE and immunohistochemistry, and frozen section for red oil stain.

Result 1. On stereomicroscopy, HE, oil red stain and image analysis equipment measurement demonstrated no plaque at C57BL/6J mice vessels, and both apoE−/− group and ApoE−/− +ghrelin groups had atherosclerosis plaque at vessels (22.56±2.2 vs 32.37±3.2 p<0.01) 2. Contrast to C57BL/6J mice, apoE−/− mice has higher plasma TNFα, IL-8, MCP-1level (28.81±1.8 vs 11.5±0.6, p<0.05; 335±16.7 vs 25.0±2.0, p<0.05; 78±5.6 vs 15.8±2.0, p<0.05), but apoE-/+ghrelin mice has lower TNFα, IL-8, MCP-1 level than ApoE−/− mice (15.45±0.98 vs 24.5±1.68, p<0.05; 168.32±8.78 vs 335±16.7 p<0.05; 45.5±4.5 vs 78.5±5.6, p<0.05). 3. Contrast to C57BL/6J mice, apoE−/−mice NFκBp65 immunohistochemistry positive cell integral calculus value were increase (1424.23±167.80 vs 6859.68±675.34, p<0.01); ghrelin+ apoE−/− mice NFκBp65 immunohistochemistry positive cell integral calculus value was lower than apoE−/− mice (3424.78±321.6 vs 6859.68±675.34, p<0.01), ghrelin can decrease the expression of NFκBp65 in apoE−/−mice aorta.

Conclusion Ghrelin can inhibit the inflammatory response to decrease ApoE−/− mice atherosclerosis plaque formation.

  • Atherosclerosis plaque
  • inflammatory factor
  • NFκBp65

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