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Epidemiology and preventive medicine: Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
e0262 Analysis of smoking status among residents in Beijing Shougang District
  1. Zhang Huiying,
  2. Wang Jiansong,
  3. Dong Liguang,
  4. Xing Liying,
  5. Guo Lai-Jing
  1. Chronic Disease Institute1, Beijing University Shougang Hospital


Objective This survey aims to know the current status of smoking among residents in Beijing Shougang district and analyse the relative factors.

Method We carried out the research by multi-steps random sampling through questionaires. 1312 records had been completed for analysis. Indicators as smoking, age, education, occupation and income, etc., were calculated.

Results The total smoking rate was 23.8%, 52.4% in male and 4.0% in female. The smoking rates of different education, occupation and income had statistical differences.

Conclusion The smoking rate of Shougang district was lower than that of Beijing and the whole country. The smoking rate in male was significantly higher than that in female. It is very important to develop the health education and the smoking control in some special people.

  • Smoking rate
  • smoking control
  • health education

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