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Epidemiology and preventive medicine: Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
e0269 Impact factors on brachial ankle pulse wave velocity in Xinjiang Han and Uygur hospitalised patients
  1. Hasimu Buaijiaer1,
  2. Ma Yitong2,
  3. Maimaitiming Gulizhaer2,
  4. Tang Baopeng2,
  5. Yuan Binbin1
  1. 1Department of Cardiology, Nanjing Benq Hospital, The Affiliated Hospital, Nanjing Medical Hospital
  2. 2Heart Center, The First Hospital, Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi


Objectives To compare impact factors on Ankle Brachial Pulse Wave Velocity (baPWV) in Xinjiang Uygur and Han hospitalised patients and evaluate the clinical significance of baPWV.

Methods Using Colin-Noninvasive Atherosclerosis detector BP-203RPE II (VP-1000), baPWV was measured in 5000 Xinjiang Han and Uygur hospitalised patients from the first hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, including 2738 Han and 2262 Uygur. Patients were divided into baPWV≥1400 cm/s (1573Han, 1327 Uygur) and baPWV<1400 cm/s groups (1165Han, 935Uygur). Multivariable logistic regression analyses were performed to identify factors associated with baPWV.

Results In both Han and Uygur, Patients with baPWV≥1400 cm/s were older than those baPWV<1400 cm/s, and more frequently had diabetes, stroke and hypertension. No significant differences in gender between two groups. Multiple regression analysis showed that baPWV was significantly associated with pulse pressure, age and hypertension. HDL-C might be protective factor for two ethnicities, Ca++ antagonist might be risk factor of baPWV for Uygur patients.

Conclusions In Xinjiang Uygur and Han hospitalised patients, higher baPWV was associated with generalised atherosclerosis. baPWV should be a routine measurement in hospitalised patients. Influenced factors were different in two nationalities, For Uygur patients, influencing of antihypertensives on baPWV should be under consideration.

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