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Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine: Obesity
e0311 Prevalence of cardiovascular disease biological risk factor clustering among overweight and obese population in Beijing community—results from CCEIP
  1. Fu Yuanyuan1,
  2. Yu Jinming2,
  3. Wang Jiahong3,
  4. Sun Yihong3,
  5. Liu Huifang4,
  6. Hu Dayi3
  1. 1Medical School of Tongji University
  2. 2Fudan University School of Public Health
  3. 3Peking University People's Hospital
  4. 4Beijing Daxing Lucheng Health Center


Objective To investigate prevalence of CVD biological risk factor clustering among overweight and obese residents in Beijing community.

Method Cross-sectional data of 9786 subjects from CCEIP were obtained for analysis. Participants were divided into 3 groups (Normal, overweight and obese population) based on body mass index (BMI). Body examinations were done to record blood pressure. Overnight fasting plasma samples were drawn to determinate blood lipid and glucose levels.

Results 1) 10.5%, 22.5% and 37.9% subjects from normal, overweight and obese group had ≥2 biological CVD risk factors. (11.5%, 21.7%, 51.5% in men and 9.5%, 17.2%, 24.4% in women). The proportion of biological risk factor clustering patients elevated with the increase of BMI. Clustering hazard will increase by 21% when BMI increase every 1 unit. Clustering prevalence was higher in overweight and obese men than women (both p<0.001). 2) Prevalence of clustering increased with ageing in population. However, there was no significant difference among youth, middle aged and elderly obese male population (49.2%, 49.7% and 56.1%, =2.52 p=0.285). 3) The most common clinical symptoms complex of clustering was hypertension and dyslipidemia.

Conclusion The prevalence of CVD risk factor clustering was relatively high in overweight and obese population. Strengthen intervention should be taken in obese population, especially the young men, to prevent CVD events.

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