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Interventional cardiology
Influence of the level of HB-EGF in serum on instent restenosis after CHD stenting
  1. Xie Wei,
  2. Yuan Zheng-Bai,
  3. Su Zhen-Qi,
  4. Han Hong-Hua
  1. Huaibei Miners General Hospital Community Service Center, Anhuisheng, China


Objective To investigate the effect of the level of HB-EGF in serum on instant restenosis after CHD stenting.

Methods A total of 36 patients with in-stent restenosis and 44 patients free from restenosis confirmed by radiography were enrolled in this study. The level of HB-EGF in serum were compared between the two groups.

Result The level of HB-EGF in the group of with in-stent restenosis was higher than that in the group of non in-stent restenosis. Logistic regression analysis showed that the level of HB-EGF in serum sensitivity index B=0.112, OR=1.025, 95% CI 0.989 to 1.250 (p<0.05).

Conclusion The results suggested that the level of HB-EGF in serum was positively correlated to in-stent restenosis, the level of HB-EGF in serum can promote endotheliocyte proliferation and reconstruction of blood vessel.

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