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The characteristic of ionic current in amniotic membrane-human mesenchymal stromal cells (AM-hMSCs) cultured under cardiomyocytes microenvironment in vitro
  1. Liu Bojiang1,
  2. Lin Xue2,
  3. Chen Lianfeng2,
  4. Fang Quan2
  1. 1Tianjin Third Central Hospital, Tianjin, China
  2. 2Department Of Cardiology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China


Purpose To study the development and differentiation of ion current in AM-hMSCs under the cardiac microenvironment by using myocardial cell lysate.

Method The amniotic membrane was gathered and digested to get mesenchymal stem cell. The isolated AM-hMSCs were cultured in different medium of DMEM with or without myocardial cell lysate. The mRNA of AM-hMSC was collected after 2 week, and the Reverse transcriptase- polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were then performed to detect the mRNA expression of ion channel encoding subunits. The ionic current was recorded under the whole cell mode with patch clamp.

Result There were 3 types outward current could be recorded in the AM-hMSCs, including the delayed rectifier potassium current (IkDR.) (90%), Calcium-activated potassium current (IkCa) (43.3%), and transient outward current (Ito) (16.7%). The inward currents were absent. Cultured in the medium with myocardial cell lysate, the induced AM-hMSCs can initiate the If current expression and increase the expression of Ito current (16.7% vs 30.7%, p=0.04). The ion channel mRNA were detected in the AM-hMSCs, including the MaxIK (for IkCa), Kir2.1, Kv1.4 (for Ito), HminK (for IkDR.). The mRNA expressions of the ion channel of HCN2 (for If) can be detected in the AM-hMSCs cultured with myocardial cell lysate.

Conclusion This is the first study of the electrophysiology property in AM-hMSCs. The AM-hMSC can express a distinct pattern of ion channel mRNA and functional ion channels, including MaxIK (for IkCa), Kir2.1, Kv1.4 (for Ito), HminK (for IkDR.). The AM-hMSCs cultured under the microenvironment by using myocardial lysate can initiate the If current and HCN2 expression, and increase the expression of Ito.

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