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Arrhythmias and interventional therapy
Effect of statin therapy on reperfusion arrhythmia in AMI patients who underwent successful primary angioplasty
  1. Ding Chao,
  2. Wang Dongmei,
  3. Li Junxia,
  4. Ru Leisheng,
  5. Wei Yali
  1. Department of Cardiology, Bethune International Peace Hospital


Objective To evaluate the effect of pretreatment with statin on reperfusion arrhythmia in patients who underwent successful primary percutanous coronary intervention (PCI) for acute myocardial infarction (AMI).

Methods A total of 136 consecutive AMI patients undergoing PCI were divided into two groups according to whether they received statin treatment before admission or not: statins group (n=40) and non-statins group (n=96). The reperfusion arrhythmia was observed within 2 h after PCI.

Results The occurrence rate of reperfusion arrhythmias in statins group was significantly lower than that in non-statins group (22.5% vs 72.9%, p<0.01). 2 patients died of ventricular fibrillation in non-statins group and no one died in statins group.

Conclusion Pretreatment with statin could reduce the reperfusion arrhythmias after acute myocardial infarction in patients.

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