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Clinical research on target organ damage in elderly patients with metabolic syndrome
  1. Gang Zhang,
  2. Xuebin Cao,
  3. Yingkai Cui,
  4. Yongna Ma,
  5. Junling Wang,
  6. Xiong Huang
  1. Pla 252nd Hospital, Baoding, China


Objective To study the characteristics of target organ damage in older patients with metabolic syndrome and provide reference for the control of target organ damage.

Methods One hundred and ninety two older inpatients were divided into three groups: essential hypertension group (EH, n=60), diabetes mellitus group (DM, n=65) and metabolic syndrome group (MS, n=67). Carotid ultrasound, echocardiography, urine microprotein, and creatinine clearance rate (Ccr) of the three groups were compared.

Results Carotid resistance index (RI) and intima-media thickness of the EH+DM group were significantly increased compared with the EH and DM groups. Plaque index of EH+DM group is obviously higher than EH and DM groups. The left vent ricularmass index (LVMI) and systolic aortic inner diameter (AO) of the DM, EH and EH+DM groups are remarkably different (p<0. 05), and among that LVMI and AO of EH+DM group are higher than the other two groups. The microalbuminuria (MA) of EH+DM group is higher while Ccr is lower than EH and DM groups (p<0.05).

Conclusions The damage of target organ in older hypertensives complicated by DM increased significantly.

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