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Organic cardiovascular disease (myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease,valve)
The natural course of traumatic myocardial infarction in a young patient with angiographically normal coronary arteries
  1. Yang Shiwei1,
  2. Zhou Yujie1,
  3. Guo Zhenfeng2,
  4. Hu Dayi3,
  5. Fang Zhe1,
  6. Jia Dean1,
  7. Hu Bin1
  1. 1Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University
  2. 2Benq Medical Center, Nanjing Medical University
  3. 3Peoples Hospital, Peking University


A 23-year-old male with no history of heart disease was admitted to our hospital for an abnormal electrocardiogram of ST-T changes mimicking myocardial infarction. Catheterisation revealed totally normal coronary and peripheral arteries. The echocardiogram and delayed enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging indicated a markedly reduced left ventricular function and enlarged left ventricular cavity with evidence of necrotic myocardium. Giving the patient's history of multiple blunt trauma 7 years ago and ‘acute myocardial infarction’ diagnosis at that time, he was diagnosed with traumatic myocardial infarction (TMI). We describe the natural course of such a patient with TMI. Although there is a possibility of spontaneous healing of coronary artery dissection induced by trauma, early revascularisation may be helpful for preventing cardiac remodelling after TMI.

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