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Heart failure and left ventricular function
Observation of CP' treatment effect on reversion diastolic dysfunction
  1. Wang Ying1,
  2. Ma Linqing2,
  3. Li Fengchun1,
  4. Shingo Sakamoto3,
  5. Yoko Nagai3,
  6. Yang Guohui2,
  7. Cui Yujuan1,
  8. Jiang Zuohong1,
  9. Zhang Ying1,
  10. Gong Qunli2,
  11. Fu Qiang4,
  12. Meng Xiaoping5,
  13. Lin Yang1,
  14. Piao Xin1,
  15. Yi Wei1
  1. 1China Vitup International Hospital Dalian
  2. 2Changchun Central Hospital
  3. 3Nozaki Hospital Japan
  4. 4Teikyo University Japan
  5. 5Jilin University Second Affiliated Hospital


Objective To observe treatment effect of creatine phosphate sodium referred to as CP) on reversion of diastolic dysfunction.

Methods According to the 2007 European Society of Cardiology diagnostic process of diastolic heart failure and Guo-jihong (new concept of diastolic heart failure), screening out the total number of 212 patients with diastolic dysfunction, 134 were males, 78 females, average aged 52±6 years old and were randomly divided into two groups CP group and control group. All patients received treatment according to American Association 2006 Guide of diastolic heart failure. CP group on the basis of this treatment plus (CP2g +5% glucose or 0.9% sodium chloride 100 ml intravenous drip). And using colour Doppler echocardiography to detect transmitral peak early diastolic velocity (E-wave), transmitral peak late diastolic velocity (A-wave), peak early diastolic velocity of mitral annulus (Ea), and peak late diastolic velocity of mitral annulus (Aa), and the value of E/A, Ea/Aa, E/Ea were calculated. Mild diastolic dysfunction (E/A<1, Ea/Aa<1; 8 1 (pseudo-normalisation), Ea/Aa<1; 8<E/Ea<15) 2 times/day, continued for 14 days for one treatment course. According to clinical symptoms, signs and colour Doppler echocardiography before and after treatment, giving evaluation of improvement.

Results All patients of CP group had significantly improved signs and symptoms, the clinical effective rate was 96.2%, control group was 57.1% (p<0.01). Doppler echocardiography result suggested CP group effective rate was 81.65%, control group 10.34% (p<0.01); CP group Ea/Aa values effective rate was 83.49%, control group was 13.79% (p<0.01); treatment group E/Ea values markedly effective rate was 92.86%, control group 12% (p<0.01). With statistical significance.

Conclusion CP has significant effect to improve and reverse the diastolic dysfunction.

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