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Heart failure and left ventricular function
Nutritional support for chronic heart failure
  1. Hu Hongde1,
  2. Yin Minxin2,
  3. Yu Shiyang3,
  4. Fu Hua1
  1. 1West China Hospital of Sichuan University
  2. 2Chengdu 564 Hospital
  3. 3No. 1 Hospital of Longquanyi District


Objective To study the efficacy of nutritional support treatment for chronic heart failure.

Methods 56 patients with chronic heart failure hospitalised patients were randomly divided into conventional therapy group and enhanced nutritional support therapy group, 28 patients in each group. Where enhanced therapy group is on the basis of conventional therapy to give extra enhanced intensive nutrition support treatment. Before and after treatment were compared 6 min walking distance, NYHA cardiac function class, ejection fraction, mortality.

Results After treatment, patients with 6 min walking distance, cardiac function class, enhanced nutritional support therapy group is better than conventional treatment group. Left ventricular ejection fraction, mortality was no difference.

Conclusion Patients with chronic heart failure, nutritional support treatment is an important treatment.

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