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Experimental research
Expression of Erbb4 in the myocardial tissue of diabetic rats
  1. Zhu Li-guang,
  2. Hu Ming,
  3. Gui Chun,
  4. Lei Lei,
  5. Deng Yan
  1. Department of Cardiology, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, Nanning, China


Objectives To investigate the changes of ErbB4 expression and Phospho- ErbB4 in the cardiac tissue of diabetic rats.

Methods Thirty six male Sprague–Dawley (SD) rats (8 weeks), were randomly divided into 4 weeks control group (n=6), 4 weeks diabetes group (n=12), 12 weeks control group (n=6) and 12 weeks diabetes group (n=12). Streptozotocin-induced (55 mg/kg) diabetic rats were adopted. Body weight (BW)/heart weight (HW), echocardiographic parameters, collagen content, ErbB4 mRNA expression and Phospho- ErbB4 level were observed at four weeks and 12 weeks, respectively after the STZ administered.

Results Compared with rats in control group, both HW/BW of diabetic rats and myocardium mesenchyme fibrosis were significantly increased at 4 weeks after the STZ administered ((3.41±0.12)mg/g vs (2.32±0.22) mg/g, p<0.01; 4.48±0.21% vs 2.79±0.36%, p<0.01); Compared with rats in control group at 12 weeks, both HW/BW of diabetic rats and myocardium mesenchyme fibrosis were significantly increased ((3.72±0.38) mg/g vs (2.39± 0.26) mg/g, p<0.01; 15.29%±0.67% vs 3.01%±0.13%, p<0.01), but cardiac function of diabetic rats were significantly decreased, ErbB4 mRNA expression and Phospho-ErbB4 level in the left ventricle of diabetic rat's myocardium were significantly decreased (0.51±0.16 vs 0.99±0.17, p<0.01; 0.931±0.016 vs 1.012±0.011, p<0.01).

Conclusions Reduced ErbB4 and ErbB4 signal conduction may participate in the progression of diabetic rat cardiomyopathy.

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