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Cardiovascular disease basic research
Insulin promotes vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation via MicroRNA-208 mediated down-regulation of p21
  1. Ye Zhang,
  2. Yan Wang,
  3. Xukai Wang,
  4. Yi Zhang,
  5. Gilbert M Eisner,
  6. Laureano D Asico,
  7. Pedro A Jose,
  8. Chunyu Zeng


Objective However, the mechanisms through which insulin exerts this effect are not entirely known. We hypothesise that microRNAs might be involved in insulin-induced VSMC proliferation.

Methods VSMC proliferation was determined by [3H]-thymidine incorporation; microRNAs were determined by microRNA chips and real-time PCR; p21 expression was determined by immunoblotting.

Results We found that insulin increased VSMC proliferation and miR-208 expression. Overexpression of miR-208 increased basal and insulin-mediated VSMC proliferation. Although miR-208 inhibitor, by itself, it had no effect on VSMC proliferation.

Conclusions This study indicates that miRNAs, miR-208, in particular, are involved in the insulin-induced VSMC proliferation via down-regulation of its potential target, p21, a key member of CDK-inhibitory protein family.

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