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Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease
Association factors of target organ damage: analysis of 17682 older hypertensive patients in China
  1. Fan Wang,
  2. Hua Cui,
  3. Li Fan,
  4. Yixin Hu,
  5. Guoliang Hu,
  6. Lin Liu
  1. Chinese Pla General Hospital, Beijing, China


Background Hypertensive target organ damage (TOD) is the main reason for mortality or disability in older hypertensive patients. The studies on hypertensive TOD in Asia, especially in Chinese older hypertensive patients, are very limited. The aim of our study was to evaluate the prevalence and correlative factors of TOD in Chinese older hypertensive inpatients.

Methods This is a retrospective survey and data were collected from the computerised medical files of hypertensive inpatients from January of 1993 to December of 2008. The analysis was done on 17682 inpatients, aged 60 years or older, with the diagnosis of essential hypertension (EH). The evidences of hypertensive TOD and associated factors with TOD were collected.

Results The prevalence of any hypertensive target organ involvement among these subjects was high. In multivariable logistic regressions adjusted for potentially confounding factors, older age, male gender, diabetes, EH grade 3, SBP, LDL-C, were independently associated with coronary artery disease. Age, duration of EH, EH grade 3, SBP, PP and Hcy were independently associated with cerebrovascular disease. Age, diabetes, duration of EH, EH grade 3, SBP, PP and eGFR were independently associated with chronic kidney disease. Male gender, EH grade 3 and SBP was independently associated with aortic dissection.

Conclusion The prevalence of hypertensive TOD is high in Chinese older hypertensive inpatients. Various cardiovascular risk factors are associated with hypertensive TOD. The level of SBP and severe hypertension (grade 3 hypertension) are common independent risk factors of TOD.

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