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Prevention of cardiovascular disease
The association between serum uric acid and atrial fibrillation in community group of Taiyuan
  1. Hongyu Zhang,
  2. Hongyu Wang,
  3. Xiaoli Chen,
  4. Chuanshi Xiao
  1. Department of Electrocardiogram, The Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, China


Objectives Serum uric acid (UA) is a cardiovascular risk marker associated with oxidative stress and inflammation but the relation between UA and atrial fibrillation (Af) is not clear. The aim is to investigate whether UA as an independent risk factor of Af in community members.

Methods This cross-sectional study was performed in 8871 members aged 36∼85 years old in Taiyuan (men: 2826; women: 6045; age: 55.70±12.37 years). All subjects underwent an investigation comprising of a standardised questionnaire, physical and biochemical examination. The patients with Af were 84 cases (men: 30; women: 54; age: 66.52±8.59 years). Using the gender stratification analysis and multiple logistic regression models adjusted for age, the history of disease, tobacco, alcohol, BMI, TC, TG, Hs-CRP, UA.

Results With an increase in the UA level, the prevalence of Af was increased significantly in women (p<0.05). However, the deference was not statistically significant in men (p>0.05). Multivariate Logistic regression analysis showed that Af was significantly associated with age (odd rate OR=1.175), coronary heart disease (OR=1.026), valvular disease (OR=15.011), BMI (OR=1.132) in males as well as age (OR=1.183), valvular disease (OR=17.035), hs-CRP (OR=1.015), UA (OR=0.025) in females. In UA group, the hazard ratio for Af at highest quartile was 2.016 times greater than lowest quartile levels. Conclusions: There is an association between increased levels of serum UA and Af in women. Serum UA may be a new risk factor for Af.

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