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Prevention of cardiovascular disease
Analysis of influential factor in postmenopausal hypertension
  1. Hongyu Wang,
  2. Hongyu Zhang,
  3. Maolian Li,
  4. Yan Liu,
  5. Chuanshi Xiao
  1. The Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, China


Objectives Postmenopause is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The aim is to investigate the effect of influence factors at the postmenopausal hypertension patients.

Methods The patients of hypertension and healthy crowd at postmenopausal women were chose in community group of Taiyuan. Postmenopausal hypertension was defined as increased blood pressure at 1 year after menopause. The authors investigate the effect of factors on hypertension by logistic regression analysis (lifestyle, the social factors, obesity index, inflammation, glucose, lipidemia, et al).

Results There were 519 cases of postmenopausal hypertension and 1739 cases of healthy group. The proportion of hypertension patients with poor quality of sleep and lower cultural level groups were higher than those with good quality of sleep and higher cultural level groups (25.7% vs 21.7%; 31.1% vs 25.5%; p<0.05). The following factors were higher in the hypertension patients than the control group: age (63.28±8.29 vs 59.59±8.86 years), body mass index (BMI 26.14±3.51 vs 24.44±3.17 kg/m2), waist circumference (WC 85.46±10.01 vs 81.40±10.59 cm), fasting blood glucose (GLU 5.85±1.22 vs 5.62±1.31 mmol/l), uric acid (UA303.71±76.17 vs 269.04±62.41 umol/l), triglyceride (TG 2.21±1.40 vs 1.75±1.03 mmol/l), cholesterin (TC 5.60±0.94 vs 5.38±0.91 mmol/l) (all of mentioned p<0.05). The multiplicity showed that sleep quality, cultural level, age, BMI, WC, GLU, UA, TG were factors influencing hypertension. TG, BMI, age, WC, UA were risk factors of hypertension (odd rate: 1.248, 1.146, 1.075, 1.024, 1.004, respectively; p<0.05). Good sleep quality and higher level of education were protective factors of hypertension (OR 0.361 and 0.501; p<0.05).

Conclusions TG and obesity have larger effects on postmenopausal hypertension development.

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