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The 22nd Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology

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Dear colleagues and guests,

The 22nd Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology and Asia Pacifi c Heart Congress 2011 (GWICC & APHF 2011) will take place in Beijing from 13th to 16th October 2011. We sincerely appreciate your presence, and thank you for your attention and support.

This year's GW-ICC is co-hosted by the China International Conference Centre for Science and Technology (CICCST), the Chinese Medical Society of Cardiovascular Disease (CMSCD), the Chinese College of Cardiovascular Physician (CCCP), the Committee of Cardio-Cerebral-Vascular Diseases of GSC and CHRS, etc. In addition, it is our honour to have the ACC, ESC, WHF, AHA and ISCP joining us as co-organisers, along with many other well known world-wide associations and societies. Under the theme for this year's congress – 'integration, health and sustainable development' – we will arrange 314 academic sessions in 23 conference chambers within three and a half days. Furthermore, there will be operation demonstrations from six world-class medical institutions as well as almost 1600 lectures for your participation.

This year, GW-ICC continued its cooperation with BMJ Group and started the call for papers on 1st February 2011. A total number of 2528 abstracts were received in 3 months, among which 1489 were in Chinese and 1039 were in English. The papers received this year cover a wide range of disciplines and fi elds, including fundamental research, translational medicine, cardiovascular disease prevention, epidemiology, clinical research, disease management, interdisciplinary research and R&D for technological innovations.

The reviewing committee, which is mainly formed of GWICC and BMJ Group committee members, was made up of 135 Chinese and foreign experts from academic and publishing communities. In accordance with the spirit of science, being precise, just and objective, the committee has applied an innovative review and scoring system. Every abstract has been carefully examined and graded. After two rounds of review by the academic committee, around 70% of the submitted papers – that is 1782 abstracts – were fi nally accepted. Among these accepted abstracts, 15 were awarded the Great Wall Young Investigator Award, 88 authors were invited to attend the 22nd GWICC and 162 excellent pieces were chosen to be exhibited as posters during the congress. All of the accepted papers will be published online in the journal Heart (BMJ Group, IF 4.706), and abstracts in English can be searched on the Internet and are citable.

Many of the papers that were submitted to the committee were of great value and well written. Although some of them were not accepted by the committee, we would like to thank all authors for their efforts and support.

In the meantime, we would also like to thank all committee members for their time and efforts to review the papers, BMJ Group for their constant cooperation and support and the editorial staff who have been hard working. Without their help, the GW-ICC supplementary issue of Heart would not have been published successfully.

Together with the Great Wall Academia and Exhibition, the GW-ICC supplementary issue of Heart, which represents the hard work of many researchers and physicians, will present a brand new GWICC & APHC congress that is fi lled with wonder and brilliance.

HU Dayi

Editor (Chinese)

Michael CL Lim

Editor (English)

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