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  1. Yangyihong,
  2. Liaowei,
  3. Zhongyiming,
  4. Xiedongming,
  5. Yangyihong
  1. the first affiliated hospital of Gannan medical university


    Objectives 62 aortic dissection misdiagnosed cases' Clinical data and misdiagnosed the reasons having been analysed, To improve the level of diagnosis of the disease and reduce misdiagnosed.

    Methods It had been retrospectively analysed 89 hospitalised patients (included The first misdiagnosis of 62 cases of patients) with aortic dissection's clinical data about symptoms, signs, risk factors, electrocardiogram, cardiac enzymes, chest X-ray or regular CT, echocardiography, aortic CTA or MRA and other clinical data from January 2009 to December 2010 in the Department of Cardiology in our hospital.

    Results IN 89 cases, there are 62 patients misdiagnosis, Approximately 70% of the rate of misdiagnosis; The first misdiagnosis of acute coronary syndrome are 49 cases, Hypertension and acute left heart failure are two cases, lung infection are 4 cases, cerebral vascular accident is 1 case, abdominal disease six cases; It is About 90% of patients with hypertension, 82% of patients with chest pain, 80% of patients have ECG abnormalities, 100% of the patients diagnosed by aortic CTA or MRA.

    Conclusions Patients with aortic dissection need to be early diagnosis in a timely and to be choice right-imaging studies on clinical, and to be guide treatment options. Taking effective treatment can significantly reduce mortality.

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