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  1. Wang Chun-ling,
  2. Wang Ming-xiao,
  3. Wang jia,
  4. Wang Chun-ling
  1. Heart Center, Mei-tan General Hospital, Beijing 100028, China


    Objectives To evaluate the expression of the proteasome each subunit in human atherosclerotic plaque.

    Methods In carotid endarterectomy specimens from 16 carotid stenosis patients as the case group, that divided into the plaque and the areas adjacent to the plaque. And carotid endarteriums were obtained from four patients undergoing Aortic replacement surgery, selected relatively normal arterial intima (Subclavian artery and Innominate artery) as the control group. Content of proteasome each subunit was evaluated by HE staining and Western Blot analysis.

    Results 1. In case group patients have higher incidence in diabetes, Hyperlipidaemia and possibility of smoking;

    2. α1–7Subunits in the normal arterial endarteriums group, the edge portion of the atherosclerotic plaque, the core part of the atherosclerotic plaque showed no significant difference; β6–7Subunit expression in these three groups no significant difference; β2 Subunits no expression; β1, 3, 4, 5Subunit express highest in the normal control group, the weakest in the core part; β1i, β5i Subunits express highest in the atherosclerotic plaque core part, the weakest in the normal control group.

    Conclusions Immune proteasome is upregulated in atherosclerotic plaques in the core organisation, so we speculate β1, β5 subunits in the process of atherosclerotic plaque formation play an impotent role.

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