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ASSA13-03-48 Animal Study of Application of Kelp Micro Gelation Embolization For Hepatic Artery Rupture
  1. Liu Ya-bin,
  2. Liang Ming,
  3. Lu Guo-jun,
  4. Yao Tian-ming,
  5. Sun Jing-yang,
  6. Wang Wei,
  7. Ma Xiao-jun,
  8. Han Ya-ling
  1. Shenyang Northern Hospital


Background Effective treatment of patients with vascular disease during war or natural disasters is a worldwide problem. We aimed to develop a novel field injuries surgical treatment cabin to provide emergency interventional services for patients with critical cardiovascular disease following war or natural disasters.

Methods By building animal models of hepatic artery rupture, observing the hepatic artery angiography of embolism immediately, 1 hour and 1 week after embolization and pathological manifestations of 1 hour and 1 week after embolization, evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of kelp micro gelation embolization for hepatic artery rupture.

Results The operations were all successful. The effect was exact. No severe complications were observed. The animals were observed for one week, no animal died.

Conclusions The application of new field injuries surgical treatment cabin provides rapid diagnosis and treatment for emergent and sever e injuries. The kelp micro gelation embolization for hepatic artery rupture is effective and convenient.

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