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ASSA13-14-26 Preoperative Anxiety is Associated with Higher Blood Pressure in Patients Waiting For Surgery
  1. Liao Chunhui,
  2. Li Ju-xiang,
  3. Su Hai,
  4. Hu Weitong,
  5. Peng Qiang,
  6. Cheng Xiaoshu
  1. Department of Cardiology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University


Objective The relationship of preoperative anxiety and blood pressure (BP) has not been fully investigated. This study assesses the impact of preoperative anxiety on BP.

Methods A total of 660 in-patients waiting for elective surgery were enrolled. Repeated BPs were measured after admission (basic BP), in every morning, after anesthesiologist visit (BPv) and 30 min before entering operation room (BPe). The BPs taken in the 3 days before and after operation were recorded as BP-3, BP-2 and BP-1 as well as BP1, BP2 and BP3 respectively. The difference between the BPe and basic BP was calculated as the BP increase amplitude (ΔBP). The anxiety scale was evaluated ( > 50 points anxiety) after anesthesiologist visit for all patients.

Results The SBP and DBP continuously increased before operation and to the peak before entering operation room. The SBPe (136 ± 15 vs 118 ± 14mmHg, P < 0.05) and the DBPe (79 ± 9 vs 72 ± 9mmHg, P < 0.05) were significantly higher than their basic values respectively. After operation both SBP and DBP decreased. The prevalence of preoperative anxiety was 37.1%. The anxiety group has higher basic SBP, pre-operative SBP and ΔSBP, but more rapid SBP and ΔSBP decline than non-anxiety group. The profile of DBP change was similar to, but weaker than that of SBP in the observation duration. Multifactor analysis demonstrated that anxiety scale was positively associated with ΔSBP.

Conclusions The patients with anxiety have obvious BP fluctuation and anxiety scale is positively associated with the SBP increase during the preoperative duration.

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