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ASSA13-16-7 Rosuvastatin Treatment Improved the Composition of Trans-Fatty Acids of Erythrocyte Membrane in Patients with Hypercholesterolemia
  1. Gong Yi,
  2. Peng Qiang Peng,
  3. Su Hai,
  4. Li Juxiang,
  5. Xu Jinsong,
  6. Hu Weitong
  1. Department of Cardiology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University


Objective This study was to investigate the composition of trans-fatty acid (TFA) of erythrocyte membrane in hypercholesterolemic patients (HC) and the effect of rosuvastatin treatment.

Methods The fasting serum lipids and 22 FAs were determined in 30 HC patients and 30 ortholiposis subjects (control group). Eight main cis-fatty acids (CFA) and 3 TFAs were used for analysis. CFAs included 2 saturated FA (SFAs, C16:0 and C18:0); 1 monounsaturated FA (C18:1) and 5 poly-unsaturated FAs (PUFA). TFAs included C16:1–9t, C18:1–9t and C18:1–11t. Repeated examination was performed in the HC group after 4 week rosuvastatin (10mg/day) treatment. The percentage of a FA to the total FA was calculated as the composition of the FA.

Results Compared with the control group, the HC group had significantly higher compositions of C18:1, C16:1 and C18:1, lower compositions of 5 PUFAs, as well as higher compositions of 3 TFAs. In the HC group, the ratios of 18:1–9t/18:1–9c and 18:1–11t/18: 1–11c were significantly higher, but the ratio of 16:1–9t/16:1–9c was lower. The rosuvastatin treatment could restore the composition of TFA and the abnormal ratios of trans-/cis- isomer of erythrocyte membrane.

Conclusions Our results demonstrated that the compositions of 3 TFAs of erythrocyte membrane obviously increase in hypercholesterolemic patients, but the ratio of the trans- to cis- isomer varies with TFA. Rosuvastatin treatment can effectively normalise the compositions and ratios of the trans- to cis- isomer of TFA in erythrocyte membrane.

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