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ASSA13-18-3 The Stratified Study of Brachial Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity and C-Reactive Protein in the Patients with Metabolic Syndrome
  1. Zhu Wen-hua,
  2. Chen Li-ying,
  3. Chen Jian-hua,
  4. Zhou Yue-hong
  1. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital-The Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang


Objective To investigate the association between high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), metabolic syndrome (MS) and the Brachial Ankle pulse Wave Velocity (baPWV).

Methods A total of 5192 subjects were enrolled from the annual health checkup subjects. BaPWV were determined by VP-1000 (BP-203RPE III). Hs-CRP, blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose, waist circumference, triglyceride, high-density lipoproteins were measure with standard methods. The subjects were classified into three subgroups: baPWV change rates<13% (group 1), 13%≤baPWV change rates<26% (group 2) and baPWV change rates≥26% (group 3) to stratify and analyse the relationship between baPWV and the hs-CRP, metabolic syndrome and its components.

Results (1) The hs-CRP values increased gradually as the change rates of baPWV increased. The level of hs-CRP was 1.34mg/dl vs1.71 mg/dl vs 2.16mg/dl (P < 0.01 = in three groups. (2) With increased metabolic components (, baPWV values, baPWV change rates and hs-CRP values increased greatly. F values were 126.81, 101.58, 84.07respectively (P < 0.01). (3) Logistic regression showed that subjects with baPWV change rates≥26% demonstrated a close relationship with systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, fasting blood glucose, hs-CRP. OR values were 5.19, 3.82, 1.61, 1.51 respectively (P < 0.01).

Conclusions The Brachial Ankle pulse Wave Velocity was closely related to C-reactive protein and metabolism syndrome and its components. Examination and analysis stratified of Brachial Ankle pulse wave velocity and C-reactive protein help to screen early arteriosclerosis in MS patients.

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