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GW24-e1754 Development and application of vehicle-mounted medium C shaped brachial angiography machine system
  1. Sun Jing-yang1,
  2. Lian Ming1,
  3. Yao Tian-ming1,
  4. Yu Jian-hao2,
  5. Wang Dong-hui1,
  6. Han yaling1
  1. 1Department of Cardiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Research of People’s Liberation Army, Shenyang Northern Hospital, Shenyang, Liaoning 110840, China
  2. 2Beijing Smart Image Technology Company Limited, Beijing 100028


Objectives There is no report about the vehicle-mounted medium C shaped brachial angiography machine system. This styday adapt to the field of minimally invasive operation module to achieve its interventional operation in treatment of functional requirements, development of high reliability, strong operating vehicle-mounted medium C brachial angiography machine system.

Methods According to the dimensions of the inner structure of minimally invasive shelter, according to automotive medical equipment, man-machine engineering requirements, considering the applicable scope and the shockproof, moisture-proof performance, compact design, convenient operation, fast disassembly and fixed arm of the C angiography machine, and the environment in a variety of animal and clinical experiment.

Results Repeated actual pulling drill, under field conditions in minimally invasive interventional shelter use of angiography machine system and the other with the medical instrument, in the field of cardiac and vascular emergency injuries are quick intervention treatment of animal and clinical experiments, gets better effects.

Conclusions Device in the field of minimally invasive interventional shelter within the vehicle-mounted medium C brachial angiography machine system, high reliability, strong handling, wide adaptation range, meet the field conditions of various interventional operation treatment requirements.

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