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GW24-e1016 The baPWV cutoff point to predict MS in middle-aged and elderly community population in Shanghai
  1. Liangzheng Lilingzou,
  2. Jiezhang Qiaoyujiang,
  3. Jianfengxiu Ruisong Jueli
  1. Tongji University Medical School


Objectives To assess the Brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (BaPWV) cutoff point to predict metabolic syndrome (MS) with the ROC curve. And to explore the BaPWV abnormal rate and its risk factors in a community-based population in Shanghai.

Methods From May 2011 to Jan 2012, 2191 patients who were inhabitants of Lujiazui community were recruited and underwent medical examination in Shanghai. The subjects included 1455 male and 756 female participants who were older than 30 years. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to quantify the strength of relationship between BaPWV and risk factors such as BMI, SBP, HbA1C, HDL-C, glucose and UA. ROC curve was used to estimate the ideal diagnose cutoff point to predict MS. Multiple linear regressions were conducted to explore the risk factors of abnormal BaPWV.

Results The mean age was 45.35 years and its SD was 8.27 years. BMI value of male group was higher than female group (t = 17.24, P < 0.05). There were significant differences for the constituent ratio of occupation, education, and excise status between two groups (P < 0.05). While there were no difference on sleeping time between two groups (t = -1.42, p > 0.05). The simple linear relation results demonstrated there were strong linear relation between BapWV and two variables (age and SBP). And the correlation coefficient was 0.36 (P < 0.05) and 0.55 (P < 0.05), respectively. According to the ROC analyses, the ideal cutoff value was 1416 cm/sec to MS and AUC was 0.69 (sensitivity = 0.65, specificity = 0.71). There were significant difference between male (30.00%) and female (16.59%) participants on BaPWV abnormal rate. In multiple linear regression analysis, SBP, age, HR, glucose, BMI and UA entered into the final model when adjusting age, BMI, SBP, HR, glucose, HDL-C, UA, sleeping time and walking time.

Conclusions BaPWV total abnormal rate was 31.40% in middle aged and elderly population in Shanghai and male group was higher than female. BaPWV could predict MS in partly and the cutoff point was 1416 cm/sec. SBP, age, BMI were risk factors to abnormal BaPWV value.

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